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Covenant of Mayors - Europe


Increasing resilience

Covenant signatories share the vision that, by 2050, European citizens will be living in decarbonised and resilient cities with access to affordable, secure, and sustainable energy. To achieve this, signatories commit to increase resilience and prepare for the adverse impacts of climate change, in addition to reducing emissions and tackling energy poverty.

The Covenant initiative supports signatories in their efforts to plan, implement and monitor adaptation actions – by providing methodological guidance, capacity building activities, knowledge resources and opportunities for collaboration.

Discover the Policy Support Facility

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The European Commission launched the Policy Support Facility to assist local and regional authorities pass from planning to action in climate adaptation under the Covenant of Mayors - Europe. The Facility runs as a two-year pilot programme from 2022-2023 and the EU Mission on Adaptation to Climate Change of the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme may contribute to scaling up the Facility.

The Facility strengthens the support provided by the Covenant of Mayors on adaptation, with dedicated peer to peer learnings and resources, public seminars, and podcasts. In addition, 12 Member States are targeted for hosting national workshops and access technical assistance opportunities: Bulgaria, Croatia Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain. 

  • Module 1: Learn from experts
  • Module 2: Exchange with Peers
  • Module 3: Implement with support of experts
  • Module 4: Showcase Lessons learned

More information

About the PSF

Read the Policy Support Facility Final Report.

Webinar Series on Adaptation

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Use our tools

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The Urban Adaptation Support Tool is the main adaptation resource for the Covenant community. It provides guidance through the main steps to develop an adaptation action plan and implement adaptation actions. For each step, the tool refers to further valuable knowledge materials, case studies and tools.

The tool has been developed jointly by the Covenant of Mayors - Europe Office and the European Environment Agency and tested by Covenant signatories.



The Urban Adaptation Map Viewer provides an overview of a range of climate hazards and the vulnerability of cities to these hazards and their adaptive capacity. The tool collates information on the observed and projected spatial distribution and intensity of high temperatures, flooding, water scarcity, wildfires and vector-borne diseases. It also gives insights on what causes vulnerability and exposure to these hazards and on adaptation planning and actions.

The tool has been developed by the European Environment Agency.


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Nature-based solutions


Just transition

  • Murcia, Spain: measuring social vulnerability and sectoral adaptive capacity, 2020


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