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Covenant of Mayors - Europe

Cities Energy Savings Sprint

Emergency energy saving measures by cities, for cities.

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What is the Cities Energy Saving Sprint? The Cities Energy Saving Sprint is a joint initiative of the European Commission, the Covenant of Mayors – Europe and the European Committee of the Regions to support cities in taking measures that will immediately reduce their energy consumption.

As part of theREPowerEUplan, increasing energy savings is key to prepare for the winter. The  factsheet: Supporting cities to save energy  to the Commission’s  Save Gas for a Safe Winter  recognises  the crucial role  that  cities  play  in reducing energy consumption whilst supporting their community in facing the current energy crisis.

The Covenant of Mayors Office continues supporting local authorities in their efforts to undertake emergency saving measures by providing, among others, opportunities to exchange and share experiences, to collect good practices and energy saving advice, and to liaise with partners and initiatives.

How can cities save energy in the short run?

Saving energy has been an integral part of mid-term and long-term local climate and energy planning. The current energy crisis requires that these efforts be reinforced, while calling for emergency energy saving measures.

Examples  of  emergency  energy  saving measures  in the areas of heating, lighting, mobility, communication,are:

Readjusting indoor temperatures of public buildings


Improving public lighting


Incentivising the use of publictransport and soft mobility


Disseminating energy-saving advice the Repository

Learn about the energy saving measures that cities across Europe are taking. your city's measures!

Contact to add your local actions to the repository. the Toolbox

Read a synthesis of energy saving tips on heating, lighting, mobility,awareness-raising, etc."It is us, in the cities, that can introduce measures to fight energy poverty and fight energy reliance on Russia."

Rafal Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw, Member of the EU Covenant of Mayors Board, Chair of the ENVE Commission in the European Committee of the Regions


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