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Covenant of Mayors - Europe

Join as Coordinator

The Covenant of Mayors welcomes all levels of governance, as well as relevant supporting organisations, agencies and associations, to join the initiative and help fast-track local climate and energy action.

JOIN - As a coordinator

Covenant Coordinators can commit to support signatories within their geographical scope in many different ways including promotion of the Covenant of Mayors, technical and/or financial support to develop and implement Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans, networking activities involving the Covenant signatories. See more details here.

Who is eligible

National, regional and sub-regional public authorities that officially commit to providing strategic guidance, financial and technical support to Covenant signatories will be officially recognized as a Covenant Coordinator.

Find out more here.

Should you require further clarifications, please contact the Covenant Coordinators Helpdesk at

How to join

To register as an official Covenant Coordinator your organisation should go through the following steps:

Step 1

After checking your eligibility, register through the dedicated online form

Step 2

After confirmation of eligibility by the Covenant Europe Helpdesk, you will receive our Commitment Statement. You may find a draft version here 

Step 3

Present the commitment statement to your council for approval and signature. Once signed, send it back to Once such statement is received, the Covenant – Europe Helpdesk will publish your organisation’s profile and you will become an official member of the Covenant Community.

Register as coordinator