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Covenant of Mayors - Europe

Cities Energy Savings Sprint

Building on the Sprint

From emergency energy saving measures to accelerated climate action in cities.


What is the Cities Energy Saving Sprint?

The Cities Energy Saving Sprint was launched in 2022 by the Covenant of Mayors Europe, the European Commission, and the European Committee of the Regions, in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. 

As part of the REPowerEU plan, increasing energy savings was essential to prepare for the winter. The  factsheet: Supporting cities to save energy  to the Commission’s  Save Gas for a Safe Winter  recognised  the crucial role  that  cities  play  in reducing energy consumption whilst supporting their community in facing the current energy crisis.

The Cities Energy Saving Sprint thus encouraged cities to put in place emergency energy saving measures to prepare for a winter strongly impacted by the energy crisis. Cities from across Europe of all shapes and sizes rallied to the call and joined the Sprint, sharing best practices to save energy while protecting vulnerable citizens, via our Repository and Videos, while using our Toolbox for tips.  

Get inspired by last winter's actions

In March 2023, Mayors gathered for the Covenant of Mayors – Europe 2023 Conference with high-level representatives of the European Union to highlight the successful actions that their cities had taken through the Sprint. These actions ranged from lowering temperatures in municipal buildings and switching to more efficient public lighting, to accelerating building refurbishments, promoting sustainable mobility, facilitating the creation of energy communities, as well as raising awareness with citizens and providing energy saving advice.

Examples from last winter's Sprint

  Sprint Videos Call to Action

Now what? 

Europe may have gotten through last winter, but the energy crisis is not yet over. As the war rages on in Ukraine, European citizens continue to face unstable energy prices and inflation. At the same time, the growing hazards brought about by the climate crisis, from heat waves to droughts and floods, are putting increasing pressure on local governments throughout the continent.  

Cities’ Sprint efforts to save energy last winter have shown us that both crises are closely intertwined and must be fought in the same battle, applying common solutions.  

It’s essential that cities continue to save energy not only to ease the ongoing energy crisis, but also as part of their long-term strategies to tackle the climate crisis. 

Keep saving energy


Take part in the Sprint the Repository

Learn about the energy saving measures that cities across Europe are taking. your city's measures!

Contact to add your local actions to the repository. the Toolbox

Read a synthesis of energy saving tips on heating, lighting, mobility, awareness-raising, etc.

Make it long-term

Use these emergency measures to accelerate your city's energy and climate action. Find inspiration from other cities who are using the Sprint as a springboard to implementation of the energy and climate plans."It is us, in the cities, that can introduce measures to fight energy poverty and fight energy reliance on Russia."

Rafal Trzaskowski, Mayor of Warsaw, Member of the EU Covenant of Mayors Board, Chair of the ENVE Commission in the European Committee of the Regions