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News article1 February 2024

Want to support the development of a data-informed public and learn from public sector data?

As part of the Digital Europe Programme, the European Commission is offering a series of e-learning courses to help you discover all BDTI’s open-source tool, contributing to the development of digital skills in the public sector.

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Enabling a Data-informed Public Sector. 

As part of the Digital Europe Programme, the European Commission has launched the Big Data Test Infrastructure (BDTI). This is a ready-to-use, free of charge analytics cloud stack offered to European local, regional and national public administration. It enables its users to experiment with open-sources technologies and promote the re-use of all public sector data and information. It contributes to the development of a data informed public sector. 

BDTI Essentials

This series of e-learning courses is designed to help public administrations explore the data analytics playground of BDTI offerings through a practical use of case. It will help you become familiar with open-source tools for public sector innovation and contribute to the Digital Europe Programme. These courses are accessible to all levels, as they start with foundational courses. This includes five online courses, each lasting 1h15 and starting at 11am CEST. 

  • Session 1: Data access and exploration - 02/02/2024 
  • Session 2: Data cleaning and transformation - 16/02/2024 
  • Session 3: Data blending and storage - 01/03/2024
  • Session 4: Analytics - 15/03/2024
  •  Session 5: Advanced module: Gathering data from the web and geo visualisation - 22/03/2024

Get more information here! 

Interested in developing your digital skills in the public sector? Register now !


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1 February 2024