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News article1 March 2023

Discover two new calls from Circular Cities and Regions Initiatives (CCRI) that can help your city implement systemic circular solutions

Are you looking to implement more circular solutions in your city or region? Horizon just launched two new calls for demonstration projects and supporting organisations for the CCRI (Circular Cities and Regions Initiatives). Check them out!


Circular Cities and Regions Initiative (CCRI)’s circular systemic solutions: propose a demonstration project for the CCRI

This Horizon Europe call supports the implementation of the CCRI. Successful proposals will help deliver solutions to implement the European Green Deal, the circular economy action plan and the bioeconomy strategy, supporting the transition to a sustainable, regenerative, inclusive and just circular economy at local and regional scale and boosting interregional and cross-border cooperation.

Proposals funded under this topic will form part of the demonstration projects for the implementation of the CCRI, therefore this call has direct relevance for CCRI activities and the implementation of circular systemic solutions at the local and regional scale. Proposals are expected to provide policymakers, public and private investors and local communities with concrete, demonstrated examples of circular systemic solutions.

In this context, a circular systemic solution is defined as a demonstration project for deploying a circular and climate-neutral economy at urban and/or regional scale, involving key stakeholders and, ideally, addressing more than one product value chain. Proposals are expected to implement and demonstrate at large scale circular systemic solutions for the deployment of the circular economy (including the circular bioeconomy) in cities and regions (or groupings of cities and regions). They should form part of the implementation of the CCRI and be carried out in close coordination and cooperation with the CCRI Coordination and Support Office.

The implemented circular systemic solutions should address economic, social and environmental dimensions of the transition towards a circular economy and include science, technology and governance components. They should demonstrate circular innovative technologies and novel governance and business models, and support the active participation of all relevant actors in cities, regions or their groupings.

Examples of relevant actors include:

  • public administrations (national/regional/local authorities) and utilities (public/private companies);
  • private sector services and industries, including start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs);
  • research infrastructures, scientific and innovator communities, including incubators and accelerators;
  • financial intermediaries with a focus on environmental and social impact;
  • venture capitalists and business angels;
  • civil society, including citizens; and
  • non-governmental organisations and philanthropy.

Find out more about the call and how to apply here.

Enhancing collaboration between Circular Cities and Regions Initiative's (CCRI) supporting organisations: help streamline and create synergies between CCRI activities

The objective of this Horizon Europe call is to strengthen collaboration between various relevant initiatives and organisations that support the circular economy at the local and regional scale, and enhance their capacity to contribute to the CCRI and the implementation of circular systemic solutions, while avoiding overlaps and duplications in their activities.

The call has direct relevance for CCRI activities and the implementation of circular systemic solutions at the local and regional scale. Proposals should build on the activities of the CCRI Coordination and Support Office (CCRI-CSO) and ensure the proposed activities are complementary.

Proposal results are expected to enhance support to the implementation of circular systemic solutions in cities and regions by streamlining and creating synergies with and between the activities of other relevant initiatives and organisations.

They should also increase the capacity, efficiency and efficacy of organisations that support the local and regional-scale circular economy, and enhance knowledge transfer and exchange of best practices between such organisations.

The call should also lead to more widespread dissemination of circular innovation, including technological, business, governance and social innovation, leading to the uptake and easier replication, scalability and visibility of circular systemic solutions and hence multiplication of their economic, social and environmental benefits on the local and regional scale.

More broadly, the call will increase the contribution of the CCRI scheme to the policy targets of the European Green Deal, particularly the circular economy action plan, the industrial strategy and the bioeconomy strategy at local, regional, national, European and international levels.

Find out more about the call and how to apply here.


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1 March 2023