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ENERGee Watch crash-course part 4: Data Display, Dissemination and Validation by Local Authorities

Throughout the month of May, ENERGee Watch is offering a crash-course on data collection and monitoring for action plans for local/regional authorities and energy agencies, completely free-of-charge.  

Dedicated to local/regional authorities and energy agencies and available free-of-charge, the ENERGee Watch courses are delivered by experts from European energy agencies. The 4 crash-courses deliver the compressed version of the 4 ENERGee Watch modules, an A to Z on the topic of energy and climate data.

The online crash-courses are particularly ordered to build on the knowledge of the previous one. Each course will have 3-4 hours dedicated. We recommend the participation in all webinars!

All the course descriptions are available here.

Part 4 (the last course), on 30 May will focus on: DATA DISPLAY, DISSEMINATION, AND VALIDATION BY LOCAL AUTHORITIES, developed by Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Energy Environment Agency (AURA-EE)

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