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News article13 January 2023

How to implement a circular transition in your city? The Circular City Centre can help!

Cities can be key to drive circular change. That is why the European Investment Bank has set up a specific competency and resource just for cities: the Circular City Centre. Its aim is to to support EU cities in their circular economy transition.

Circular park

The Circular City Centre (C3) was launched in October 2021 and is currently in pilot phase. This is a great resource for cities looking to address many of the linear problems they struggle with today, and make their cities more regenerative, resilient, clean, liveable and attractive to both citizens and companies.

The C3 supports cities in this endeavour by:

  • Sharing resources and practical information to support city-level circular action
  • Providing circular city advisory to support cities in their circular transition
  • Raising awareness about relevant advisory and funding opportunities for circular projects

The Centre has been established with the support of the European Commission through the European Investment Advisory Hub to advance circular action in cities, including facilitating access to advisory and financing for circular projects.

Who is it for?

  • If you are a city, you can receive free advice and support to start or continue their circular transition through the C3 circular city advisory
  • If you are a public project promoter, you can receive free advice on how to design and best position your projects to access funding. Private sector promoters working with and for cities can also benefit from such support.
  • Anyone interested in the circular city topic can access useful knowledge, resources and tools to support their circular initiatives, projects or city activities

Getting started

To learn more about circular cities and the benefits of circular transition, visit the Circular city context section in the Circular City Funding Guide.


To get started on the topic, check out the guidance documents that the initiative has specifically developed for cities:

Case Studies

For information on current and past circular city initiatives, visit the Case study section in the Circular City Funding Guide. The case studies illustrate different practical applications of the circular economy in cities and cover many different activities and sectors, ranging from the built environment to textiles recycling.


If you are interested in learning more, make sure to join the upcoming webinar, "A guide for circularity in the urban built environment" on January 19. 

This webinar is the fourth in a series of webinars with the aim to create a forum for exchange of knowledge, information and experiences that can support city-level circular action. You can check out previous webinars:

Stay up to date and get in touch!

For further information on the roll-out of C3 resources and services, keep an eye on their page or send an e-mail to


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13 January 2023