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Promoting energy communities for a just transition? - Webinar

The promotion of energy communities can then contribute the promotion the socially inclusive uptake of renewables by building on established shared identities and contribute to a secure and affordable energy supply. Local and regional authorities have a key role in facilitating such models throughout Europe. At the same time, different interpretations of the concept as well as the complexity and implications of the industrial and structural change involved in JTF territories make it essential to introduce energy communities in a way which avoids adding to ever-increasing disparities of wealth, access, privilege, and comfort. In other words, also energy communities need to be just.

Join us for this webinar where we will consider how energy communities can be best promoted in just transition regions next to more market-driven renewable energy projects. Given the scale and speed at which JTF territories need to transition and decarbonize, how can we ensure that energy communities can indeed contribute to local transitions even when socio-political contexts might be less conducive such solutions?

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