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News article5 May 2023

How is your country progressing in energy efficiency? Take the survey!

You are an expert who wants to contribute to energy efficiency efforts in Europe? Participate in an EU-wide survey on the progress of energy efficiency in the last years in your country.


As Europe faces an ongoing energy crisis, the importance of energy efficiency has become increasingly clear. With energy prices rising and concerns about climate change, EU countries must prioritise energy efficiency to reduce their carbon footprint and save money on energy costs. Investing in energy-efficient buildings and transportation systems can help reduce energy consumption and costs. Smart building technologies, efficient heating and cooling systems, and public transportation and cycling infrastructure are all key components of energy efficiency.

You can help the European Union get a better understanding of where each country stands in energy efficiency efforts, by participating in an EU-wide survey on the progress of energy efficiency in the last years in your country. Your opinion counts! 

The Energy Efficiency Watch 5 (EEW5) EU project, co-funded by the European Union's LIFE-CET sub-programme, is collecting opinions from experts across all EU member states on the progress of energy efficiency in their countries over the last three years. By taking part in the survey, you will be making an important contribution to energy efficiency efforts in Europe.

Through the development of enabling narratives and a policy dialogue platform, EEW5 promotes the Green Deal as the masterplan for a just transition and as the new EU growth strategy. Building on the findings and methodological approaches of EEW1-EEW4 and the experience and network of the consortium members, this project will add a new dimension to the traditional approach of policy analysis and communication.

Participate in the survey.

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5 May 2023 (Last updated on: 5 May 2023)