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Grafting Cities: Cultivating our Common Future

This 2-day forum in Modena will focus on the local urban transformations needed to reach climate goals, co-organised by the city of Modena, Energy Cities, Climate Alliance and the Energy and Sustainable Development Agency (AESS).

Grafting cities (verb) /ˈɡrɑːft·tɪŋ ˈsɪ·tis/ writing a new story for the city’s future; reinventing each city based what already exists; revealing how a place can flourish by building on its assets and adjusting them; transforming our cities street by street, house by house and place by place to boost diversity and resiliency.

Across Europe, cities and towns are embracing an ambitious and equitable transformation. Through nature-based solutions, local CO2 pricing, renovation campaigns to combat energy poverty, citizen-led sustainable mobility initiatives, and the formation of energy communities, local-level climate action is thriving. 

With Grafting Cities, we delve into tangible examples of the transformation we need, exploring how to achieve our climate goals amidst a constantly evolving local landscape. Municipal representatives from across Europe will come together for high-level plenaries, interactive workshops, informal open space formats, and valuable networking opportunities. 

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Energy Cities, Climate Alliance, City of Modena & AESS