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News article12 January 2023

Takeaways from Twinning Leiria - Calva

Did you know about our Twinning Programme? Today we look back on a visit from last year of a delegation from Calvia (Spain) to Leiria (Portugal) to discuss experiences primarily related to climate change adaptation.

Leiria - Calvia Twinning

A delegation from Calvia (Spain) visited the City of Leiria (Portugal) to discuss experiences primarily related to climate change adaptation. Colleagues from Calvia learned about Leira's good practice in restoring natural spaces in order to reduce the impact of high temperatures.

This also includes the restoration of riversides with citizen's active participation and takes into account the increased periods of extreme precipitation. In order to tackle this the hydraulic infrastructure in the city is being redeveloped and future-proof plant species are introduced. The good practice of the Almoinha Grande Garden was shared. This space, used as a garden for sports, leisure, small fairs and music concerts, has been redeveloped to facilitate thermal softening of the surrounding urban space.

The adaptation to higher temperatures in Leiria is also effectively coupled with energy efficiency improvements of the municipal swimming pool facilities. Water covers during non-use hours contribute to avoiding thermal losses and window blinds result in better thermal comfort and better energy performance. The installation of solar PV on the roof of the facility (for self-consumption) further reduces the necessity to use gas while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Leiria is also very active in awareness raising around sustainable drinking water consumption, the reuse of rainwater and to make the overall water supply system more technically (and financially) sound. This primarily relates to avoiding water losses in the water pipe system and to make the system resilient against drought periods.


Publication date
12 January 2023