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Covenant of Mayors - Europe
News article21 October 2022

Three Covenant cities awarded for their urban lighting projects.

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The Turkish city of Izmir is the First Place winner of the LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards 2022. The second prize went to the City of Tampere (Finland) and the City of London (England) has received the Special Mention. Congratulations to these 3 cities that are all signatories to the European Covenant of Mayors!

The ceremony of the LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards took place in Busan, South Korea, during the LUCI Annual General Meeting on 21 October 2022. Designed for cities and local authorities, the LUCI Cities & Lighting Awards recognise, every two years, urban lighting projects that reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of urban lighting and show a positive impact on economic, social, and cultural development. They celebrate cities that have driven projects with the ultimate aim to improve sustainability and quality of life. The jury was composed of 6 urban lighting professionals who analysed 20 entries received from 14 countries.

Let's discover the projects of these three Covenant cities awarded for their urban lighting projects !

The City of London Corporation has received the Special Mention for its project "Light+Darkness in the City".

“The Jury wanted to give a special mention to the vision developed by the City of London for its firm commitment to incorporating an approach in which light and darkness are balanced to meet both the functional and aesthetic needs.”

The winner of the Second Place is the City of Tampere in Finland with theTammerkoski rapids - Industrial Heritage Reimagined project.

Finland has a lot of dark time, it was important to have a cultural landscape for people to use in the dark. The magnificent rapids landscape, together with carefully considered lighting, provides good walking routes and recreational opportunities now also in the dark. A safe and welcoming environment is likely to attract people to explore the rapids. The development of Tammerkoski has created a balanced series of night landscapes that are an attraction for tourists coming to Tampere to discover the history of the city.

And the First Place goes to the city of Izmir in Turkey with the Konak-Kemeralti Lighting Masterplan

Converting to LEDS sets the target to reduce 50% of energy consumption and 50% less carbon emission is expected. With the use of a central lighting automation system, maintenance cost is to be reduced. However, the most important objective of the plan is to create a dialogue with light. Lighting is closely related to a sense of belonging as well as the sense of security and safety. Aiming to improve social resilience and social inclusion, the needs of underrepresented groups through a “women and children first” perspective, is prioritised in the process of developing the masterplan.


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Publication date
21 October 2022