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Covenant of Mayors - Europe
News article29 March 2023

Eating by example: local, sustainable and zero-waste catering at our 2023 Conference with the Tricoterie

Brussels’ Tricoterie is setting necessary new standards for catering at big events – that is why they are the caterers of the Covenant’s 2023 event

Tricoterie catering

If we are going to talk the talk, we must walk the walk. The Covenant of Mayors Europe is an initiative that promotes bold local action for our planet. As an initiative, we must mirror our cities’ ambitions and set an example. The caterer of this year’s Conference, the Tricoterie, sets a great example to be followed in terms of food distribution and consumption.

The Tricoterie is a sustainable cultural and events centre located in the Saint-Gilles area of Brussels. With the motto “Factory of connections” (“la fabrique de liens” in French), this cultural and events space is focused on building community and fomenting sustainable lifestyles locally.

As promoters of local climate action, it’s important for the Covenant of Mayors initiative to connect with local initiatives such as these, that are rooted in the city and community that we are based in too: Brussels. 

In this way, bringing the Tricoterie into the European Commission brings local to European and vice-versa. Not only the lunch provided by the Tricoterie is locally sourced and sustainably produced – using only fair-trade, seasonal and natural ingredients – but the entire cycle of the service intends to have a positive impact. The Tricoterie also tackles the question of food waste by donating leftovers to a local association that we can choose. They reduce plastic waste by using a “zero waste” approach with their containers and cutlery. 

Currently, they are trying to close this cycle by integrating sustainable transport, raising funds to invest into a cargo-bike for their delivery.  

Find out more about the Tricoterie, about their catering as well as their cultural activities and venue: 


Publication date
29 March 2023