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Companion Guide to SECAP Development in the CEE Region

The Companion Guide to SECAP Development in the CEE Region was created as part of the EU-funded Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) Sustainable Energy Union (CEESEU) project.

It includes information from training materials developed during the project, interviews with local experts and representatives from CEE cities that have already implemented SEAPs/SECAPs, as well as feedback from project partners on the SECAP process in their regions from eight CEE countries.

With a reach well beyond the lifetime of the CEESEU project, this Guide can be used by CEE public administrators involved in the SECAP development process – whether in small, human resources-constrained municipalities or large ones with ample professional staffing spread among several departments.

The Guide is available in English, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Latvian, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian, and Slovenian


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