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News article5 January 2023

Takeaways from León - Botoșani Twinning

Last year, the Covenant of Mayors organised a high number of peer learning activities. Today, we look back on a visit from February 2022, when a delegation from Botoșani (Romania) visited the City of León (Spain).

Botosani-Leon 6


Delegation visiting Traffic Control Center in León

A delegation from Botoșani (Romania) visited the City of León (Spain) to discuss good practice and experience on promoting energy efficiency in public buildings, renewable energies, lighting and sustainable mobility.

León shared experiences with the construction and operation of their conference and exhibition center. It is a multipurpose area designed to host various events and with the possibility of expanding, opening to the outdoor plaza, or fragmenting into smaller units. It is an enclosure protected by a mineral, photovoltaic (1 MW) and translucent cover. The project has been carried out by means of a combination of glass and steel practically in its entirety. Steel for roof structures and carpentry, as well as cladding material in the form of perforated sheet metal, while the glass has solar control systems on the facades. Likewise, the recovery of the water collected on the roof is achieved. 

Botosani-Léon twinningBotosani - León Twinning

Delegation visiting the Conference and Exhibition Center in León

The city's dedicated "demonstrator center for renewable energies and urban mini-hydro" was built through a Collaboration Agreement between the City Council of León and the Regional Energy Agency of Castilla and León, EREN. The initial investment costs are being amortized with the income from the sale of the energy produced by the mini hydropower station existing downstairs in the facility. The building has solar panels (4 photovoltaic and 1 thermal) and is located on the left bank of the Bernesga River, in the city center of León.

León shared their good experience with renovating the public lighting system to save a considerable amount of energy. The installation of modern LED lighting was done through an energy service company (ESCO): the joint venture "León Lighting '' which is responsible to maintain, operate and manage the public lighting installations for a period of 10 years. 

The colleagues from Botoșani were also very interested in hearing about León's experience in promoting traffic-free urban spaces while reducing noise and air pollution, while opening up new areas for the enjoyment of citizens as well as for the revitalisation of commercial activities in the area. The project is also reinforced with the integration of the Spanish high-speed train into the city network.  León is also very active in monitoring speed restrictions and efficient traffic flows throughout the city. A visit to the city's urban public transport operator served as additional inspiration for the guests from Botoșani.  

Botosani - León TwinningBotosani-León twinning

Delegation visiting the Railway Station and the Demonstrator Center of Renewable Energies in León


Publication date
5 January 2023