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Covenant of Mayors - Europe
News article23 December 2022

Takeaways from the Expert Mission IRE Liguria and Midtjylland Region

The Infrastrutture Recupero Energia Agenzia Regionale Ligure (IRE Liguria, Italy) and the Midtjylland Region (Central Denmark Region, Denmark) met during the Expert Mission for Coordinators and Supporters of the Covenant of Mayors - Europe.

IRE Liguria and Midtjylland Expert Mission 1

The Expert Mission for Coordinators and Supporters is a peer exchange tailored to regions and energy agencies working on long-term climate strategies, offering opportunities to exchange on such strategies and related measures. In this Mission, representatives of Midtjylland Region travelled to Genoa and Savona (Italy) on 25th and 26th of October, 2022, to meet IRE Liguria and share their knowledge on mitigation and adaptation measures. others, the 2 organisations discussed and exchanged on drought-related issues affecting Ligura Region and how IRE Liguria is supporting the region and the municipalities to face them. The expert mission gave them the opportunity to exchange and share knowledge on what measures they are implementing for water management, in particular on management of water scarcity. Central Denmark also had the opportunity to see “what’s to come” in their region in the near future due to climate change and to plan ahead.

Moreover, the programme included a visit on nature-based solution pilots projects carried out by IRE Liguria, starting a discussion on what nature-based solution actually means and why there isn’t a common approach and understanding in Europe.

Finally, representatives of the Midtjylland Region presented their coast2coast project, focusing on the innovative approach of “principles for climate adaptation”. IRE Liguria was provided with a tool to be used to make sustainable goals more concrete and understand what principles should be followed by climate strategies and SECAPs.


Publication date
23 December 2022