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News article25 November 2022

To tackle the energy crisis, the Metropolis of Nantes and its 24 municipalities are launching an energy sobriety plan !


To face the energy crisis, the Metropolis of Nantes and its municipalities aim to reduce the territory's energy consumption by 10% and therefore become more resilient to the fluctuations of the energy market.

This Thursday, November 24, a new sobriety plan of 23 measures was developed in consultation between the 24 municipalities and the Metropolis, combining specific measures for the Metropolis and municipalities and their public services.

This new plan responds to three main issues: the price emergency, the energy supply emergency and the need to take a long-term view. The plan is based on several axes :

  • The sobriety in buildings and public services. They will reduce the heating of buildings, limit public lighting and also reduce the illuminations of the end of year celebrations.
  • Support individuals and companies. For Agnès Bourgeais, mayor of Rezé, supporting the most vulnerable is an important issue. Solutions will be suggested to individuals and companies to reduce their energy and water consumption.
  • To influence prices, 20 of the 24 municipalities of the Metropolis have joined together in a purchasing group for gas and electricity, which allows them to mutualise their technical resources. This is a way to give priority to renewable energies.
  • The last axis is to accelerate renewable energies such as photovoltaic.

This energy sobriety plan is a great initiative by Nantes Metropolis and its 24 municipalities to avoid energy waste and fight against the energy crisis!

To learn more about the energy sobriety plan, read the article in French here!






Publication date
25 November 2022