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News article1 September 2022

Porto driving societal changes and bringing everyone on board - Case study

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The Porto Local Climate Pact aims to create a diverse community working towards climate neutrality by 2030. It will boost initiatives taken by both individuals and groups of stakeholders to increase energy efficiency, energy production and storage, and invest in offsetting actions for the residual emissions.

Launched in January 2022, Porto's Climate Pact had already 145 signatories by the end of May 2022.

2030 as the target year for climate neutrality

In 2008, Porto set the objective of cutting 45% of its emissions by 2030. In this view, the local administration is now developing a new SECAP that will aim to achieve an 85% GHG emission reduction and to 15% offsetting target by 2030.

The initiative supports the city's ambition by challenging citizens and other organisations to assume leadership of the transition in a collective and participatory manner. Porto focuses on achieving this goal through voluntary and meaningful participation by a broad range of stakeholders to bolster actions at the national and local levels that manage to create a more equal, sustainable and respectful city for all.

Learn more about The Porto Local Climate Pact and key figures in our latest case study available in English and Portuguese in the online library !


Case Study
Publication date
1 September 2022