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Konvent der Bürgermeister/innen – Europa

Konvent der Bürgermeister/innen - Europa

Nehmen Sie an der Konferenz des Konvents der Bürgermeister/innen 2023 teil

Aktuelle News

Making change a reality in the Slovenian city of Celje

Une into our fifth podcast episode of our series on Adaptation to discover how the Slovenian city of Celje is counting on its natural assets and the support of European cohesion funds to become more resilient in the face of increasing heatwaves and floods.

Vantaa, Finland: transforming district heating

Vantaa’s district heating network is an efficient system that supplies most of the city’s buildings. In the past years, it's moved from fossil fuels to more sustainable strategies, and it's now aiming to go carbon-negative and circular.

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