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Unlocking energy renovation potential: Launching local One-Stop-Shops for efficient residential renovation policies

The residential sector represents nearly 75% of all buildings & 25% of Europe’s total energy consumption mix. Improving the energy efficiency of residential buildings is therefore a key factor in achieving carbon neutrality by 2050. Join us online!

This pursuit of energy sobriety must imperatively manifest itself through the energy-efficient renovation of existing residential buildings. Despite this, depending on the year and the country, the annual renovation rate fluctuates within the range of 0.4% to 1.2%. At this pace, it would necessitate over a century to complete the renovation of the European housing stock.

Over the past few decades, in response to national and European environmental challenges, cities have established ambitious targets as they drive the energy transition locally. Concerned by the wellbeing of their citizens, cities play a key role in bringing citizens on board to actively participate to the energy transition. They set up One-Stop-Shops (OSS) and Integrated Home Renovation Services (IHRS) to overcome a number of barriers that currently limit the deep renovation rate of private households and to foster the rate of energy efficiency improvements in the residential sector.

The revised Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, currently under negotiation, highlights the key role of local governments in the set up and operation of home renovation services. The European Parliament has proposed to establish at least one one-stop-shop per region and in any event per 45 000 inhabitants, with a harmonized approach to be implemented in member states. This means that our OSS and IHRS systems will have to be stepped up. 

The aim of this webinar, based on feedback from several OSS, is to present the future challenges for urban renovation policies. More specifically, and thanks to some concrete examples of OSS implementation, we will reflect about how these services can be expanded and replicated, and what key conditions are needed to make them sustainable in the long-term.

Find the agenda here! 

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