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News article16 May 2023

Accelerate your city's journey to climate neutrality through NetZeroCities' new Twinning Programme

The EU's Mission of 100 Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities by 2030 is offering the opportunity to work alongside their pilot cities in a new Twinning Programme open to all cities, beyond the 112 selected Mission cities. Join the journey!

Tempere Finland

A new Twinning Programme is poised to support cities in getting to climate neutrality – one that will team cities up according to shared challenges, opportunities, and emissions domains as they make the systemic changes needed to get to net zero. This call is open to cities based in EU Member states or Horizon 2020 Associated Countries. The definition of the persons or categories of persons which are eligible to apply: local authorities or city administrations. Any city can apply, selected as one of the 100+12 Mission Cities or not

The call will pair selected cities with NetZeroCities Pilot Cities, and remains open from 3 May until 30 June 23.59 CET. 

Working with NetZeroCities Pilot Cities, selected Twin Cities will embark on a tailor-made learning programme. Over the course of 20 months, Pilot and Twin Cities will be brought together to exchange and build capacities of the latter group, with the help of facilitation support from NetZeroCities. Not only will Twin Cities learn from the innovative activities driven forward by Pilot Cities, but the reverse will also take place: A peer learning framework will ensure that both groups benefit from being matched up. The learning programme will cover three facilitated modules to guide the conversation toward impact: Getting started, Co-creating and Capitalising. At its end, the shared journey will result in a Replication Plan for each Twin City, which they can implement in their own local context. 

Once cities have applied, NetZeroCities partners will lead a tailored matching process to maximise the shared benefits of the programme. Twin Cities learning needs in line with the selected pilot activities, emissions domains and opportunities for systemic transformation will be among the top metrics for this matching. Common challenges from both sides and good practices to be shared with Pilot Cities, will also play a key role for the matching. From there, Pilot Cities and Twin Cities will meet up multiple times to get a closer look at how each group is facing barriers to change, brainstorming mutually beneficial solutions during online meetings, workshops and site visits. In addition to this continued engagement, Twin Cities will benefit from support provided by NetZeroCities partners, as well as resources on the NZC Mission Portal. 

When it comes to finding climate solutions, cities are in this together. The NetZeroCities Twinning Programme is the latest step forward to help cities collaborate as they move the needle on climate action. 

More details about the call, including the call guidelines and eligibility criteria are available on the Twinning Programme Page

NetZeroCities is a project consortium consisting of 33 partners from 27 European countries, managing the EU Cities Mission platform. The project supports the 112 European cities known as the Mission Cities in drastically reducing their greenhouse gas emissions to achieve climate neutrality. The EU Cities Mission supports the European Green Deal in building a low-carbon, climate-resilient future through research and innovation.  


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16 May 2023