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How can cities fund Cross-Border Renewable Energy projects through the CEF Energy Programme?

The Covenant of Mayors will be holding a joint event with CINEA on 23 March, focusing on the Cross-Border Renewable Energy (CB RES) section of the CEF Energy Programme.

CB RES is a newly established window under CEF Energy, whose objective is to foster the uptake of renewable energy by providing financial support to cross-border renewable energy projects involving cooperation between Member States. Funding may be provided at various maturity stages of a project, from preparatory studies up to financial support for works and can involve the participation of a third country outside of the EU. 

The event will lay out the scope of the programme, its policy context, current and upcoming call openings, and examples of projects,  which have been selected for funding by the Commission.  

Speakers will include DG ENER and CINEA representatives. The presentations will be followed by a discussion with the audience. 

By the end of the event, you will know what the CB RES part of CEF Energy is about, what types of projects it is targeting, how does it works, and how and when to apply.

See the draft agenda.

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