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News article17 March 2023

How to guide energy poverty diagnosis? This new handbook can help you!

The Energy Poverty Advisory Hub has released a new handbook offering a series of detailed and concrete steps to achieve an energy poverty assessment, applicable to each local context.

Energy Poverty Advisory Hub Handbook 1

The Energy Poverty Advisory Hub is kicking off the series of practical guides for local governments and practitioners on how to address energy poverty, with its first handbook "EPAH Handbook 1: A Guide to Energy Poverty Diagnosis". This first guide will focus on the assessment of energy poverty at the local level.

Diagnosis is the first fundamental phase to understanding the challenges and the characteristics of the energy poverty. It is the beginning of a series of events which comprise the endeavour of energy poverty mitigation, and it is fundamental to understanding the root causes. At the end of this first phase, after implementing all the steps, you will have at your disposal a complete “Local energy poverty diagnosis” report which will effectively support you not only in the design and implementation of concrete actions but also in engaging with a wider network of stakeholders, based on concrete and defendable evidence. Building a robust diagnosis ensures to be fully equipped to design the proper actions and measures to address the phenomenon.

Although local energy poverty realities differ, the 1st EPAH Handbook presents 7 practical steps that provide a flexible framework which can be used regardless of geographical, cultural and economic settings. You can use these steps as a checklist or recipe book starting from the most relevant step. The core of the methodology can be tailored to your context and support you in developing a robust set of actions, or to embed energy poverty into your existing climate and energy plans.

Download the publication here.


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17 March 2023