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General publications18 November 2022

Increase climate change adaptation of urban areas with LIFE BAETULO !

life beatulo

LIFE BAETULO is a pilot project where a new technology, an Integrated (and multi-hazard) Early Warning System, is applied for the first time in a city, in this case in Badalona (Spain). The objective is to reduce the exposure and vulnerability of citizens and other urban assets to climate-related hazards by providing anticipated information and alarms that allows taking preventive actions (including operational actions) to minimize direct and indirect impacts and damages derived from climate change.

It contributes to increase climate change adaptation of urban areas by providing an innovative tool, applicable and usable by any city or region facing climate hazards and aiming to:

- Anticipate the adverse effects of climate change, including forecasting and warning of all the climate hazards affecting urban areas

- Minimize the exposure and vulnerability of inhabitants, urban assets and the surrounding environment to the impacts of climate change

- Take appropriate response actions to prevent or minimize the damage that climate derived hazards can cause

- Raise general awareness and capacity building for citizens, administrations, politicians and businesses in the framework of climate change.

The resulting LIFE BAETULO solution consists on:

  1. An IT platform (the Integrated and Multi-Risk Early Warning System), to support risk managers to anticipate, monitor and manage climate risks such as: flooding, combined sewer overflows, storm surges, windstorms, heatwaves, cold waves, snowfalls, forest fires and episodes of high air pollution.
  2. A citizens' mobile app to inform people at risk about: upcoming or current climate-derived events in the form of (pre-alert, alert or emergency), main cause(s) triggering the event and self-protection measures citizens can perform to avoid impacts in health, wellbeing and properties.

Both tools are currently in use in the city of Badalona, a Covenant signatory!

Want to know more about LIFE BAETULO ? Click here!


Publication date
18 November 2022