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European Investment Bank's webinar on ELENA Grant Facility

Webinar on the ELENA Grant Facility. ELENA provides technical assistance for energy efficiency and renewable energy investments in buildings, as well as support for sustainable urban transport.

The Webinar will give information on how ELENA works and how Member States can benefit at all levels—nationally, regionally, locally—from this long running facility. Speakers will explain how you can apply for an ELENA grant, what kind of investment portfolios are eligible and give concrete examples from ongoing projects.

The webinar will showcase the “ELENA effect” around flagship projects demonstrating the importance and impact of innovation in breaking down barriers and the knock-on effect made possible by ELENA: the development of one-stop-shops to accelerate investment in energy efficiency in buildings, and the structuring of urban sustainability projects on a city-wide scale.

This session will be open to any interested party and will allow attendees to ask questions through the chat. Meet experts for practical guidance on preparing a successful ELENA project and connect with other peers to exchange ideas.

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