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Webinar #4 on Sustainable Mobility: Electric mobility

Join us for the fourth webinar on sustainable mobility, this time focused on electric mobility!

The transport sector contributes to a high number of emissions in cities. That is why promoting zero emission mobility modes is important. Electric Mobility can be a significant way of achieving this switch to sustainable transport. It can contribute to creating safer and cleaner cities and fight climate change. Particularly for cities, electric mobility can play a prime role as the European Green Deal sets to achieve a 90% reduction in transport-related emissions by 2050.

Cities all over Europe have started incorporating electric mobility in their transport systems. The advantage of electric mobility is its versatility, as it is compatible with various forms of transport modes not only cars, such as buses, vans, trucks motorcycles, scooters, and bikes.

This webinar aims to highlight case studies from cities that have implemented different modes of electric mobility.

See the Agenda and Speakers here.

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