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News article17 November 2022Joint Committee

Local Climate Pacts: the region of Flanders as an inspiration for Europe : Case study


The Region of Flanders has launched a Local Energy and Climate Pact (LEKP). The Flemish Local Climate Pact focuses on four areas (greening, participatory energy, sustainable mobility and rainwater) and sets concrete objectives for its nearly 300 signatories - local authorities – to tackle the global climate challenge at the local level. It aims to reduce the CO2 emissions of the territory by 35% – the initial milestone – and ultimately 55%.

The Flemish government hasdeveloped a more concrete version of the Climate Plan, incooperation with municipalities. This version states the specificchallenges that must be tackled to adapt to and mitigate climatechange. Together, the two documents set out 18 measures to betaken.

Building cooperation to ensure an inclusive approach

The aim of the Climate Pact is to include all actors in the process towardsclimate neutrality to co-design the climate objectives and specific actions withrepresentation from all sectors of society.

In 2023, the Flemish government will launch a platform to help localauthorities overcome the barriers they encounter in implementingthe Climate Plan. The government intends to use this new platform to actively support all of its stakeholders to work towards a sustainable future.

Learn more about the Flemish Local Energy and Climate Pact and key figures in our lastest case study available in English and Dutchin the online library !


Publication date
17 November 2022