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EUSEW Session: "ManagEnergy Talk: Winning the race to net zero – why companies should accelerate their climate transition"

Join the ManagEnergy Talk at EUSEW to learn how local and regional authorities can make alliances with private companies to accelerate the energy transition.

ManagEnergy Talks are keynote speeches delivered by well-known climate and energy experts followed by thought-provoking discussions with the audience. They explore innovative, ambitious and transformative actions and seek to inspire others to spearhead the drive for investment and action on sustainable energy. 

On the 21st of June 2023, the ManagEnergy Talk will be delivered by Jens Burchardt, Boston Consulting Group’s Managing Director and global expert on climate impact. Based on his long experience, he will share why it makes sense for private companies to accelerate their own energy transition in alliance with the aim of the local and regional authorities. This should give Covenant of Mayors signatories, coordinators, and supporters fruit for thought for their cooperation with the private sector.

​The 20s are the decade in which the climate transition finally accelerates. While pace and global reach are still by no means sufficient, this acceleration is irrevocably changing competitive realities for companies across almost all sectors. There is plenty of reason why companies should embrace this transformation, since contrary to the traditional narrative, those that lead it actually seem to come out ahead. This talk explores the changing realities that EU companies now find themselves in, and navigates why it is in their self-interest to spearhead the climate transition.

Get ready to be inspired!

This event is part of the official programme of the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW).

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