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European Public Sector Awards 2023-24: "Boosting Innovation Through Learning" WHAT

Type of Call

Awards & Competition


Does your public sector organisation have innovative solutions to high-priority challenges of the present or the future?

If so, submit your achievement to the European Public Sector Award (EPSA), the only Europe-wide award for public sector innovation and reform open to public administrations at all levels of government.

Under the title “Boosting Innovation Through Learning”, the EPSA 2023-24 edition welcomes the submission of projects in three award categories:

  • Innovation in Public Administration
  • Green Transition and Sustainability
  • Digital Transformation

By submitting your project, you will have the opportunity to showcase your solutions to current and future challenges and gain the recognition of citizens and public sector partners.

Present your achievements to EPSA 2023-24 and join the community of innovators and change agents in Europe. Be the change that Europe needs and help others learn from your success!

Find out more and submit your project online here

Would you like to find out more and get your questions answered? Join the upcoming EPSA 2023-24 Info Day on 7 September from 14:00 to 16:00 (CET).

Entity in charge

European Public Sector Awards (EPSA)

Eligibility Criteria

All European public sector entities from all levels of government, public sector enterprises and agencies are eligible to submit their projects for the award.

“European” is defined as EU Member States, EEA countries, EU candidate countries and other administrations wholly geographically located in Europe, i.e. Andorra, Belarus, Kosovo, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and Vatican City.

“Public sector” includes all public entities such as EU institutions, departments, divisions or agencies of EU institutions, national governments, national government departments, divisions or agencies, 100% state-owned enterprises, cities, regions, provinces and other forms of sub-national authorities as well as departments, divisions or agencies of them or enterprises 100% owned by them including institutions responsible for scrutiny of public sector entities such as regulatory, audit or judicial authorities.

Projects can be submitted jointly by more than one organisation, including cross-country applications, but in these cases a lead organisation must be assigned. In case of joint applications, decide who will submit the application. The lead organisation must be a public sector entity –  other applicants can be other public sector entities eligible to be lead organisations and/or private or mixed-capital entities, not-for-profit/third sector organisations or academic institutions.

Previous EPSA participants may re-submit projects submitted to earlier EPSA editions insofar as they are based on a material adaptation, update and/or extension of past projects, including the achievement of significant further results since any previous submission.

Application Deadline


Innovation, Mitigation